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Help implementing Microsoft DPInst for Windows Driver installation (FTDI

dannyhop asked
Hi All,
I need assistance and /or examples of installing device drivers using the Microsoft DPInst for Windows Driver installation kit. (Or if there is a better way, I am all ears)
I am using a FTDI usb to com port adapter.  I would like to install the device driver when / before I install my customers application software whis uses the installed device.
Can anyone point me in the direction of examples on how I might get started?
Is DPInst part of Visual Studio 2008?  If not, is it an integration or a standalone.
I would assume it copied the drivers to the DIFx Driver Store for use when you plug the device in for the 1st time.  I am not sure what it does if the device is not plugged in?  Sorry but I fell fairly ignorant here and would appreciate any assistance on finding an example application.

Reference Info (just in case you have direct experence with FTDI)
    actual product I am using is sold by digikey P/N 813-1003-ND
Thank You
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DPInst is a tool provided by microsoft, and it is part of DIFx, Driver Install Framework.
Here is a good documentation about it: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/install/difxtools.mspx
FTDI provides two documents, for use with CE and XP:


Boths cover your needs. I think there you should find all answers to your questions..
Hope that helps.


It is close and would work.  I need to see if I can find a more invisible solution.  Thanks