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How to add a user as a 'Delegate' on another user’s mailbox with Exchange 2010

jongrew asked
As the Exchange 2010 administrator, how can I simply and easily add a user as a delegate on another user’s mailbox to ‘Send on Behalf Of’ or ‘Send As’ etc?  I have heard it needs to be done using Exchange Management Shell but I am new to Exchange 2010 and not yet up to speed yet on all the different aspects of it.

The client side is mostly Outlook 2007
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Senior IT Systems Engineer
right click the user , manage send as permissions , this is for send as permissions

for send on behalf of find the below image from the user properties
First give the delegate send as permissions to the exchange mailbox in exchange system manager under recipient config/mailbox.  The rest is done in outlook.


"Delegate", "Send on behalf of" and "Send As" are three separate things. When someone is assigned as a delegate, they receive "Send on behalf of" rights on the mailbox. They also receive special permissions on the mailbox's calendar so that they receive copies of meeting requests sent to the mailbox, can accept meeting request for the mailbox and can create new meeting request for the mailbox. To assign delegate permissions, log on to the mailbox in Outlook and select Tools - Options - Delegates. Delegates can only be assigned through Outlook, not through EMC.

For either "send on behalf of" or "Send As" permissions, you need to do it through EMC as msabry06 described.

Odd.  If I have a user add a delegate in outlook they can not send on behalf of until I add them in EMC.  Is there something wrong with my setup?
Got it.  I was missing the "From button"  Thank you jjmck.


Many thanks for the swift responses.  I have used the solution given by msabry06 and it has been tested and works and made me look good at my job.