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cost effective colour printer

Hi Guys
Any cost effective HP / any other colour printer will be appreciated.  15-20 prints per minute

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Director, Information Systems
I'm no expert, but we've been happy with our Phaser 8560DN-11.
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HP Officejet Pro 8000 works well for us and it's under £100
34ppm in colour and 35 ppm in black. it also comes with duplex function which is rare for printers that cost less than £100 - cheap ink when you compare it to laser equivalents

Laser printer we use : HP colour LaserJet CP2025
it does around 30ppm - price £450

HP all the way. Good quality and good support (usually next day parts delivery or engineer visit)
A little more info would be useful, like: what do you mean by cost effective (purchase price, printing costs, etc); what do you intend to use the printer for (images, text/graphics); how many trays; is duplexing required, etc.

The Phaser 8560 is a great printer, but perhaps too expensive for you. It is the most eco-friendly printer available, but is not suitable unless you print at least a couple of thousand pages per month.

I would also have a look at the rest of the Xerox range. I find their colour accuracy is better than HP, and they tend to be better priced. See:


If at all possible, only use networked printers. In my experience USB will only cause problems in the long run.
Do not go for a cheap injet devices unless you are going to be printing limited documents (i.e. 50 per week) - ink for these is often in small cartridges and both expensive (also needs changing more often so more ink wasted during alignment).

The Phasers are good but more expensive upfront - and it does depend on the quality required, and as Hdhontt advised ytou need to be ploughing 2-3k pages as a minimum.

The HP Small colour lasers are capable, but can fail on larger jobs with memory problems.

Against my advice above, I run a Officejet Pro K5400 at home (as well as a older laserjet) - it's as cheap as a laser to run, but much cheaper to buy. The downside is that they only last 4 years generally in normal usage be paper jams or other issues arise.However at ~150pounds , possibly less you can get good qualirty, fast output. I just got 2 magenta cartidges for £17, each covers approc 1k pagers at 5%. I've never had to change a print head and run this type/quality of device for 6-7 years now.

Personally I prefer to keep phericals seperate unless high quality i.e. higher level MFD's, and do not rate the small "all in ones" unless used for personal home residences only.