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Windows 7 Multiple Programs Not Responding

I have had several issues after a second install of Windows 7. The first time I installed it on the same computer and didn't have any problems. Then I always do a fresh install after I have had time to play around and mess with settings. So I have a fairly clean install of Win7 but it locks up atleast 4 times a day in Outlook, Explorer, Word, IE, and other programs.
I have noticed that SVCHOST.exe runs high CPU sometimes and I know that file controls more than one service. I have tried disabling items from startup and have had no luck.
Is there any secret Hotfix that I can't find?
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If you haven't checked Event Viewer yet you might. There could be clues as to what is causing the spike there.
I know that a corrupted IE installation can cause svchost to run high on NT and XP. The same might hold true for 7. In those instances I've corrected the problem by reinstalling IE. Sounds odd, but IE is tied very tightly to the desktop and OS.
You might also try running SFC SCANNOW.
SFC SCANNOW takes about fifteen minutes and requires your OS CD.
Just insert your OS CD while holding down Shift to prevent autorun.
Release the Shift key after about ten seconds.
Then click Start and in the Run field type SFC /SCANNOW and select OK.
Another thing to check is to make sure that your system drivers are updated.

I had the same issue and it was the Adobe Flash DLM in IE that was causing the issue.  I uninstalled Flash from Control Panel and rebooted the PC then installed it again and it fixed it.

On a side note, this happens about every 2 -3 months and was the same on my old Vista PC.  Do a search on Google and you will see that we are not alone in this issue.

Hope that helps.


thanks, still does it but need to close the question and maybe start another one.
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calitech--Clean out Temporary Internet Files, Temp files, History, etc.  IE Tools| Internet Options
General tab|Delete button.
What do you mean "So I have a fairly  clean install of Win7"?

Did you just reinstall over the original installation or did you actually reformat the C: drive and do a proper install?
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calitech--I agree with StoneG that you may have compromised that "second Install" of Win7 by "Then I always do a fresh install after I have had time to play around and mess with settings."
After the "second Install"  (which I assume is a Clean Install), the "fresh install" sounds like a Repair (or some call it an Upgrade) Install.  Why would you do that if all is working OK?  You no longer have a Clean Install.

No, there is no hotfix. You will have to resort to troubleshooting and fixing the issue, or a format and start over.

If you wish to attempt to troubleshoot, I would start with Process monitor:

Process monitor will show you the thread that has SVCHOST occupied.


The fresh install is a format  of C and new install.
I will check the process monitor out.

I have cleaned out the temp files as stated above.
The question is just too ambiguous for a proper diagnostic.

Delete it.

Agreed, we couldn't get enough detailed information to define a fix.
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