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Will this drive work in a Dell Latitude D620

level9tech asked
Will a ST9250410AS Momentus 7200.4 Hard Drive - 250GB, 7200rpm, 16MB, 2.5", SATA work in a Dell Latitude D620
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Yes. Here's a replacement drive for the D620 on Amazon.


RPM being higher shouldn't make a difference!
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Even if it fit, don't use it.  The drive is not designed for laptops, so you could give yourself a head-crash on this HDD, where the same force on a disk designed for laptops won't do anything other than retract the heads for a few secs and pause I/O.

Go to the seagate website, and look for the momentus family of LAPTOP disk drives.  They will tolerate the G-forces you get with laptops.

if you can go on a 500GB Momenus 7200RPM, you should see some nice improvements in performance.

dlethe, here's the page for that drive. I'm not sure where you see something saying it's not designed for laptops, because that's what it is.


"The Seagate® Momentus® 7200.4 drive delivers the highest available capacity and performance in a laptop hard drive and draw only .05 percent more power than a 5400-RPM laptop drive "
I should also point out, this particular drive has:

"Seagate G-Force Protection™ technology can detect when your laptop is in a free-fall, swing the drive heads to a safe zone and keep the data safe."
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The momentus is a family.  Just saying to make sure you look at the specs, as you can order a 500gB momentus with or w/o the G-force for 500GB and 750GB models, as shown by configurator below.  So don't assume all momentus drives are really suitable for laptops, just some of them.  The configurator will let you select the features you want and provide correct P/N.


Gary CaseRetired
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Just to summarize, since there's a bit of discussion on some of these points ...

(a)  The drive will work fine.

(b)  A 7200-rpm drive like this will give you MUCH better performance than the 5400 rpm drive I assume you're replacing.

(c)  r.e. "... don't use it.  The drive is not designed for laptops .."  ==> YES IT IS.   Here are a few of the statements from Seagate's description of the Applications for this drive:

          "High-performance laptops, workstations, gamer systems"
          "Mainstream laptops, netbooks and external storage enclosures"
          "Military and government laptops for sensitive data"

(d)  As MaestroDT already noted, the specification page for the drive also shows that it has "Seagate G-ForceProtection™ technology"