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The advanced page cannot be opened because of following error: The server is not operational

I am receiveing this error on a stand alone workstation.  IT is in relation to a web-based product our client is putting in place.  I am unable to add the everyone or IUSR groups to the software groups user security and permissions.  I have tried everything I can to make this work, but have had no luck.  The workstation does receive some services from the domain, but it is still in its own workgroup.  OS is Win 7 Pro 32 bit.  Sortware is ProPay Web edition.

Your help is greatly appreciated
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When you mention the security groups that they product uses, where do those objects live (as in are those security groups in AD or are they on that local box)?
Jim WhiteOwner


While this wasn't the solution, the question has been out here for quite a while.  This person was the only Expert to offer a suggestion.