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blackberry: PIM Synchronization is not enabled on this device

xCyberFreakx asked
PIM Synchronization is not enabled on this device.

I get the above message when i press alt+cnfg in the email address field of Enterprise Activation.  Also, in my address book the wireless synchronization option says not available.  when we activate the blackberry the contacts do not download, obviously.  
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i had a similar problem with a Curve 8900, i wiped the phone, deleted and recreated the account on BES Server, and all went through finely.

Which model is your phone?



all models. i did the wipe and delete 10 times. no go.

When you say all models, do you mean all the BBs in your environment have suddenly lost their sync to the BES, or specifically about one user, and so far and any model he tried?

Perhaps need to verify device has BES plan from RIM/Carrier.

Hi Freak, sounds like you need to resend the service books to your device.
first you should re-register your device by;
1. From the device go to Options
2. Select Advanced Options
3. Select Host Routing Table
4. Select menu, then 'Register Now'
then if it still does not work, call your provider and get them to resend the service books to the device, this will reconfigure everything and make sure that your BES plan is working properly

after restarting the BES about 5 times, everything started working.