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Moderated Calendar Folder - Who made the request?

susnewyork asked
I have set up a moderated folder to hold calendar items. It is to be used to schedule use of vehicles. Everything seems to be working as it should, however, when a request is sent for a vehicle, the moderator can not tell who sent the request. Is there a way to have the sender of the request displayed to the moderator?

Thank you
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The Moderated Calendar that you have set, is it using a resource Mailbox that you have achieved it.

From what i understand is that you have created a Shared Calendar either for a resource Mailbox or for a User.

Others who want to request a Vehicle sends a request to the Shared Calendar and the Moderator approves it.

Is it some thing like that.

Do correct me if i my understanding is wrong.


The calendars have been created in the Public Folders, so that all may see them without need for sharing from a particular account/mailbox. Users have been granted permissions to write to the calendars, but since it is moderated, the moderator has the right to confirm or deny their entries/appointments before they are seen be all. That all seems to be working as it should. The issue we are having is, when a user places a request, unless they explicitly type their contact information in, we have no idea of knowing who sent the request. Is there a way the contact information can be automatically entered into the request?
I hope this clears things up a bit, and I apologize for any confusion.
Thank you,
I get what you have configured. I had de[ployed the same thing for a Client before. This is a limitation for this design. The reason being that the appointments that are being send to the Public Folder Calendar is forwarded to the Moderators Account.
Since it is forwarded to the Moderators Account from the Public Folder Calendar we would not know who sends the request unless like you say we have to put the Information in addition while creating the request.