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Replication and SSAS on the same server

venk_r asked
We are about setup a large warehouse enviornment(around 2T) with the datamart and the subscriber(Transactional replication from OLTP)
all on the same server. We have 2 dual core processor and 64G RAM on that server.Is this duable?Will I have any performance issues?
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There is a lot more dependencies that are needed to answer that question. Some of the more important depends on how you place the data/log files, how much and how large of reporting will be done, number of concurrent users, how many tables/db's, etc.
I've used servers that were about this size under a reasonable minimal load and it did fine, but I've also used bigger with more heavy duty reporting that suffer pretty bad performance issues at given times of the day.


Thanks for the reply.
The replicated database would be around 1 Terabyte in size containing 1 year data.
The datamart will get build everyday during late night in a incremental way Which will eventually store 2 years of data at any point.
The cubes will be partitioned month wise and will be rebuilt accordingly every night.
Being said users will have access to the cubes round the clock.Repomes.Reporting might get heavier at times.
The disks for the data and log files will be placed on different discs(fibre channel).
We are looking at R710 Dell series with 144G Ram AND 8 core dual processors.
Any advice is appreciated.

Well ...  I will say that the Dell in your second post is a far more superior machine than what I was thinking from reading the first post ... "2 dual core processor and 64G RAM "
It really sounds like you are on the right track. Obviously, if reporting from OLTP gets heavy, it can degrade any setup, but with the OLAP model, you should be fine ... Especially if you are setting it up monthly and a full year of rep is 1TB
Transactional replication will not put much of a load on your server  ...  Only when applying the initial shapshot (and at 1TB that might take a bit of time.. )  If you are worried about the performance of the DWH environment make the distrabution DB the publisher 'prod server'