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Create YUM Server RHEL 5

aaeandcee asked

I've have been poking around and haven't come across exactly what I need to install a YUM Server.  We have only 1 server in our environment that is capable of reaching the Internet, so I wanted to crate a YUM Update Server inside our LAN for all the other servers to update from.  We have licensed RHEL 5.0 boxes, so I was looking for a RHEL solution.  I have found CentOS and Fedora solutions, but management insists that it is a Red Hat repository.  

I have a server right now and need step by step how to get this box up and running as a YUM Update Server and how I can keep it updated with new patches.

Thank you!
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I've been poking around, where do I find the RHN Satellite Server Installation Program?  

Thank you!
Once you purchase the entitlement it is a download available on Red Hat Network

"Log into the RHN website (rhn.redhat.com) and download the distribution ISOs for
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 or 4 and RHN Satellite Server 4.1.0. These can be
found within the Downloads tab of the respective Channel Details pages. Refer to
the RHN Reference Guide for instructions."