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Windows 7 Enterprise Remote Desktop Access Denied

WyleOP asked
Hello, I have Windows 7 Enterprise installed on two of my network computers.  One of the I have no problem accessing it via remote desktop and the other one I receive Access denied.  Both computers were configured the same.  I've comparied them both with the security setting and I have been unable to find any difference in the setting.  I've lowered the UAC to the lowest level and fire wall is turn off.  Any ideas of what I might be may be overlooking?

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Make sure the computer you are trying to to connect to has "log dropped packets" and "log successful packets" set to "yes."  Then try to connect to the computer - when you get an "access denied" view the pfirewall.log at ...\system32\log files\firewall\ to see what the computer did with your incoming RDP requests.


I am not sure if i understand what you mean about the "log dropped packets" and "log successful packets", will you explain.  Also, I checked the firewall log files and there were no entries.
Problem solved!  Group policy setting caused the problem.