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OCR solution to be built into VB6

I am creating a program that will photograph a drivers license or other ID and capture the information using OCR.  I'd like to program the app to automatically determine and populate the name, address, id#, etc.  The most accurate solution would be to "read" the various barcodes from the back of the ID but I would also like to be able to OCR an image file of the front.  I have found components that do both OCR and read barcodes but they all have huge price tags and complex coding.  I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive, easy to use solution.
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You could buy a bar code reader. You point the reader at the bar code and it reads the code, then sends the data to the computer. How it does that depends on the reader.  Normally, you have some interface software that is running via your application. When a new code arrives from the barcode reader the software generates an event and the data form the reader arrives into your application.

The other alternative is to use some OCR software. If have a really cheap HP F4280 scanner/printer the does OCR quite well. I will take a look to see who supplied the OCR software.


I have looked at the bar code reader and you're right, that would solve the barcode issue.  But I'm trying to limit the hardware and complexity of the system and it has a camera anyway (to photograph items purchased).  Also a OCR/BarCode reading solution is more universal with all IDs as some do not have a bar code on the back.
I'll be using a OCR/BarCode solution from www.card-reader.com.  It's a lot more expensive than I hoped but has all kinds of capabilities including full support for any government issued ID from the United States, Canada, and some of Mexico.
I think that would be the quickest way to go.  However Idid find that there are some free opensource ocr projects on the go:


If you can get an image it is likely that given time you could produce and OCR solution. But it could take you a lot more time...good luck.