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Why does my gateway laptop sometimes boot up and other times it wont turn or power on?

Yiper72 asked
I have a gateway model #MA7.  It is a few years old now but when I try to power up sometimes it works and other times nothing.  I have noticed that the red battery light when you push the power button flashes when the battery is in.  If you take out the batterty the light doesn't flash. And at this time when the light flshes red nothing happens.  when it powers on the lights are blue and it works. i have taken out the ram and no beep codes or anything.  It is just random when it powers up.  but when it is working it runs just fine.
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it is not a server

I guess the flashing red light indicates that the battery is dead and needs to be charged.
If you plug it into power it should power on without any issues.
Could be a faulty/dead battery.  After 2 years, I wouldn't expect the battery to be useful.  You can run just fine without one, or buy a replacement.


Yea that is what thought but when I take the battery out there is no power.  I can wait all day and push the power button 50 times and have to power and than all of asudden it works.  I have used a new power adapter and still the same issue.  I have taken out the memory and nothing seems to matter
Could be the receptacle for the DC plug.  Usually  they are soldered onto the motherboard.  Sometimes the solder is broken/cracked.  Sometimes the parts inside the receptacle lose their springiness, and contact is only intermittent.

It could be a problem with the charging circuit.  IIRC, it's supposed to kill power if it detects something wrong with the battery and/or power supply.  Can't help you troubleshoot that, sorry.

Have you noticed it working with the plug in any particular position?  Cord up, cord down, press the plug sideways & hold it?  If so, it may indicated broken receptacle or solder point.

If it's a problem with the logic circuit on the power button, you'd have to remove all power (battery & AC), then press & hold the power button for 5 seconds.  The computer may have a light or two blink, maybe a fan will start to blow for a second, but it will die quickly.  Then, replace only the AC mains and try the power button.


We decided to replace the laptop. It was determined that there was a short on the main board.