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Copy guess OS on Xen Server to make another guess OS on same XenServer

kfasick asked
I’m checking out some of the different VM server out there.  I’ve worked with Hyper-V on Windows 2008.  I’m currently going to download and install XenServer from Citrix.  With Hyper-V I’m able to power down a guess OS, copy it, import it into the Hyper-V console and set it up as a different server…changing host name and IP.  Is there a way to install a guess OS on the XenServer, power it down and copy it as a new computer?
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I guess it should work as well.
If you are having any issues in importing the same, then I suggest that you evaluate Vizioncore's vConverter which enables you to convert from Hyper-V to XenServer and vice-versa.


Sorry, what I meant, is there a way to copy a guess server and make a new one on the same xen server without install the new guess server...just copy it.
Do you want to clone a Guest VM to another VM ?


Yes, on the same host.  If I can make a standard template OS and I need to setup a new server, I can use the template OS and create a new VM without having to install the OS on the new VM.  I've done that with Hyper-V, just wondering if it can be done on XenServer.
XenServer supports Template Functionality as well.

This video should get you started