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API Calls with Microsoft Access 2007

I have been using API calls like ShellSearch and ShellExecute with Microsoft Access 2003. We recently migrated to Microsoft Access 2007. When I run them with Microsoft Access 2007, they do not execute. No error messages are generated, and nothing happens.  It seems like something is blocking their execution.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Bob Van Alstine
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Top Expert 2016

is your application located in a Trusted Folder?
or if it is not, did you click the option to enable macros.
I have enabled macros in the Microsoft Access 2007 Trust Center.
How do I determine if it is in a Trusted Folder?
Top Expert 2016
Offiec button > access options > Trust center > trust center setting > trusted locations

see if the folder is on the list, if not click Add new Location
I found out that trust settings must allow maros for each part of Microsoft Office 2007 that API calls will be used with. For example if ShellExecute opens an Excel document, then trust settings for Excel must be set to allow macros in order for ShellExecute to execute.

Probllem is solved!  Thank you for the help.