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MSACCESS 2003:  getting this wierd message:  " Method 'Columns' of object 'IImexGrid' failed "

R B asked
I'm trying to import from Excel to MSAccess and I'm try to 'link' from Excel to MSAccess.  I am getting this wierd error message in MSAccess:   Method 'Columns' of object 'IImexGrid' failed

The data in the tabs are simply number columns with descriptions columns, etc.  I have carefully ensured that all number columns (containing account numbers - all numeric) are indeed saved in Excel as 'numbers'.   I have also put a format where if any account-numbers are only 4 digits, and the field should be 5, that the format is '00000' - so that a 0 is held in front.  (I don't know if this is what is causing this error message).

Can you please tell me what the error message means? and - what could be causing it ??

Thank you...
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Do you have a grid of some sort in the Excel sheet you're trying to link to from Access?
If so, you'll have to remove it (or move it).  The Excel sheet should be only columns of data (no graphs or other 'objects'"
Scott C


There may be other objects in other tabs, but not the one I am trying to import.  Does MSAccess look at the whole-workbook - and produce this error? - or does it only look at the one tab which I choose to import or link to?
Usually, when you link to Excel from Access you specify the single sheet (tab).  Is this what you're doing?

Scott C  


Yes, I'm only naming one sheet (tab)....
Looks like some characters or formatting Access doesn't like.....

The problem lies somewhere in that particular work***.
Check the excel file you are trying to import.
There can be problems with formats on the work***.
There can be problems with empty cells in Excel with time formats.
There can be problems with the way the work*** is set up.
To check this, in excel, select the work*** by clicking on the empty
square at the intersection of the top of the row numbers and the left most
of the column headings.
Go Ctl + End and see where the work*** ends. By default Access will import
all the cells that you can see selected - there may be some problem with
empty cells with formats that are a problem for Access to import or that don't
match the fields in your import table.
Try selecting just the cells you want to import

Check that the column headings match the field names in access with no stray
spaces or strange characters.

Scott C


thank you
You're welcome!  Have a great day!!
Scott C