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User.js not working in Windows 7 64-bit

In Mozilla Firefox, 3.6.3, I use a modified user.js file for my work users.  Everything has worked fine with Windows XP, but with the addition of Windows 7 to the company, the same solution does not work anymore in that OS.  When I add user.js to their profile under




It just does not work.  Does anyone know the solution to this?
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what not work, you're going to this directory and past it? or you didn't find the directory ?
"tajp9dqm.default" is a specific user profile folder valid only on one PC. The alphanumeric part before the ".default" will vary on each installation.
In order to copy anything to the user profile on someone else's machine you need to first find out the valid profile name.

Then, in order to get to this folder, use the following expression in the run box:

Also, make sure the 'user.js' has the same permissions as other files in that profile folder.


Thanks guys.

I found the problem.  By chance, the two machines I was using were NOT on our domain.  When I tried this on machines that were, it worked.


B because I found the solution, but the others were helpful for future troubleshooting.