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Dual Journaling in Exchange 2007

SAIonline asked
We have had a request to journal certain individuals in the company to a second mailbox for compliance reasons.  Currently everything is journaled via a mailbox database journal setup.  For these individuals i would like to setup a journal policy.  If I do that will those individuals be journaled to both locations or does one take precedence over another.  Ideally we would like messages to go to both locations.
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Senior System Engineer
Both rules will work fine. The mailbox database journaling is the "old way" of doing it and journal rules are the new Exchange Server 2007 -way of doing journaling. If want to read more about the differences between these two ways of journaling, there's a good blog at: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Exchange-Server-2007-Using-Journaling-Rules.html. It was written when Exchange Server 2007 was at Beta 2, but it is still valid.