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Error SAS 9.2 Error message on Windows 7 32bit computer.

nkialex asked
When running SAS 9.2, network version, for the first time I get an error message:  "SAS Message Log.  "Unable to Open/Read message file using the -msg paths."

I noticed a previous post on 5/6/2010 was removed.  What was the solution?
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how did you perform the installation? did you create a client depot? was the depot removed post installation?

if you had purchased sas, you probably will be able to raise a support ticket at support@sas.com. this would be the best way as those people there probably would have seen similar issues and would be able to advise better


This is a standard network installation.  Both the users have Admin rights to install and run the program, but only one use gets this error.  We do have have a support ticket opened, but no reply back as of yet.
This is a network license for multi users.  I will keep trying to get to the one user to work and will post my solution when it works.
have you done a client installation, i.e. install sas onto the local machine from the network path?

my suspicion in this case is that there's a corruption of the install on that one user's machine. tried re-installation yet? i have heard of this happening for sas 9.2


I found the answer to my problem.

We have two Global groups on our Domain, one called SAS_Users and the other SAS-Clients_V9.
Since we are using SAS 9.2, the user was not in the SAS_Users_V9 group, the other group is for older versions of SAS.  Logged off and logged on now the user can run SAS 9.2
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