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I can not print to tray two which has legal size paper in it. The printer is a HP 3005 pcl printer and there are other users that can print to this tray when printing legal documents.

tdbrowning asked
I have other users on the network that can print to this tray, but one computer can not. It wants to send the report to the manual feed tray even after deleting and reinstalling the printer.

Please help.
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go to printer properties and adjust the paper size there and it will work.
I would check the printer properties for that printer - there is probably a setting in there that needs to be changed.  Sometimes there is a "auto-configuration" button that one would click on for the local computer to "scan" the printer to see it's configuration.


I do know how to get this working on another computer.  The computer I am having trouble with is set up the same was as one that is working. I think perhaps a file is corrupt, so I did delete the printer and printer port and reinstall it but the print job still wants to pull from tray one.

When you hit cntl p to print, can you pick which tray to print from ?
Check the page setup setting in the application. This will override any print driver settings.
Unfortunately each application may store this differently.
I word 2003, this is in the file menu under "page setup"
In word 2007 (like many things in office 2007) it is a little harder to find. click the orb, down the bottom there is a small button labelled "word options" - it is in there under printer settings.
In excel, any settings made in the print preview window will be saved with the document, including printer settings.