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Calendar Control in Excel 2003 VBA

NormanMitchell asked
I have tried to add an additional control - the "Calendar Control" to a form in Excel 2003 VBA. I right click on the forms tool box, selecte "Additional Controls" but he calendar control does not appear. This has worked on a PC with both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 loaded but not with a pc with just Excel 2003.

Any ideas please?
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Look a REFERENCES and look for and select MSCAL.OCX in Windows\system32 folder.  That might help??  If it doesn't have it.. copy from other PC (4 files - all named MSCAL.*

Scott C


Tried copying MSCAL.OCX to Windows\System32 folder - but Calnder Control still does nopt appear in "Additional Controls" when right clicking on the Forms toolbox and selectinf "Additional Controls".

Does MSCAL.OCX need to be ativated in some way?


The comment was the key that led me to the solution. The missing element was the need to register MSCAL.OCX.
Additional comment:
If you copy these things to the same folder where your application is run from, and you browse and load from this same folder, you don't have to register.
Scott c