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Switch from OTRS to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ?

We are considering switching from OTRS ticketing system to MS Dynamics CRM.  We only use email to communicate with clients and OTRS does it well. We also like the Queue functionnality and use it for our workflow.

We are now considering MS Dynamics CRM for ticketing to better centralise all client's data.

Question is : Will MS Dynamics CRM be able to replicate those basic OTRS functions (email thread communications, Queue ...)

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Yes, Dynamics CRM does reflect email communications recorded against different set of entities like contacts, accounts and email router does excellent job in sending / receiving emails. Queues is another good feature in CRM.

u can define a Queue in Settings, Business Administration, Queue. You give it a name, an e-mail address and assign it to a Business Unit. You can add things to a Queue by assigning an Activity or sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you setup when you created the Queue.

Let me know if your require any further information


Just 2 other questions:
- is it possible to reply to clients and include the whole thread and make it feel as a normal email conversation ?
- Will a 'reply' from a client  open a new ticket or will be added in the thread ?

The whole idea here is to replicate the basic functionnality of OTRS.

Thanks !
Yes, you can certainly reply to the clients and it would be recorded  (as 'History' related to Lead/ contact/ Account ....  terminology in CRM ) as part of thread. If there is any reply the Email router (CRM Component) does the mapping and relates to the Email that has initiated the thread and it relates to the contact / Lead/ Account automatically without any user intervention.

Hope its clear.