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Installing SSL Certificate for Exchange 2003

mschirad asked
I have an Exchange 2003 server on a Win2003 server and Exchange 2010 server on a Win2008 server.  

I have an ssl cert installed on the 2010 server and it is working.  It is a Godaddy cert.

Can I use this same cert on my 2003 server?  I want them to co-exist in my network and I need a cert on my exchange 2003 server so that I can have a sincle url sign-in on my exchange 2010 server and it will redirect to my 2003 server if their box is on that server.  

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In a word, no. Certificates usually have a system's FQDN, and that makes the cert useless on a system without the same name as the cert.
Solutions Architect
yes of course you can use the same certificate on both as long as the certificate you have have multiple SAN containing the URLS that will be used from both the exchange 2003 and 2010 servers


I got this added to the 2003 server.  You're correct.  I can use it on both.
Shows what I know. I'd forgotten about multiple SANs.
Color me embarrassed. :)