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SSIS: Text destination file, carriage returns & Line feeds

moosetracker asked
I built an SSIS package, with two text files. With my wordpad, it did not line feed, but once I added a "char(10)" to the last column, it looked good to me.

Sent it out to examine. I guess everyone else defaults to notepad which ignores my line feed.. So I added also a char(13) for carriage return. But my wordpad now is double spaced when it use to be single, and this has no effect on notepad the notepad users.

Is there any linefeed, carriage return what-not that would make both wordpad & notepad happy?

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SQL Server Consultant
Did you change the text to CR followed by LF or LF followed by CR? The CR needs to come first.


Thank you.. That is exactly what was wrong!