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Email Archive in Exchange 2003

chencharlie1 asked
Dear Experts:
We would like to know how to archive the email based on the "date received", not "date modified" in Exchange 2003 environment.  
The mailboxes archive will be based on the following criteria:
1) All email received (date) older than 4 years within this specific mailbox(including sub-folder) from today or date range.
2) Create a PST file for later retrieval
3) Whatever is archived should also be purged/deleted in exchange server.
If this is not the best approach, other recommendation is also appreciated.
Is there any third party tools we can use to archive exchange mailboxes.
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Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011
You can't archive based on Received Date with the built-in Archive tools.  It only works on the modified date.
Not aware of any 3rd party tools to do this either I am afraid.
Have you looked at www.mailarchiva.com? 

It needs a "journal" account created and then it archives all incoming and outgoing emails on the share you specify. The way we do it, on our specific share we create "volumes" inside the mailarchiva program and let it run for a year (calendar). This way we can delete the whole "volume" when the need arises. Searching and Extracting from the program is quite easy. The extracts are in .eml format.

And the program has a Open Source version that you can download. http://sourceforge.net/projects/openmailarchiva/
have you looked at using exmerge and using date criteria


Exmerge can only export email, not archive.  
No Exmerge can also be used to Archive as well as export the Mails out to a PST.

This will suite your criteria as to using the Date Specifications to Archive the Mails.

Getting the Mails to a PST Folder.

And deleting the Mails from the Exchange Serve as Well.


Dear expert,
How do you do archive in Exmerge wizard.
For example, I would like to archive all email received older than 4 years in one specific mailbox.
Can you show me the steps to do this?

Try this link..... This has the steps to do it.