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Exchange 2007 DR setup

I currently have  Exchange 2007 deployed on a 2003 server. This server holds all the Exchange roles on it. The server is established and working well. We also have a DR site we just brought online. We have a T1 at the DR site with an IPSEC tunnel between the DR and the Datacenter (where our Exchange server is). I want to setup another exchange server at the DR site and have it take over if we have total failure at the data center. Ideally, our users would be directed aitomatically to the DR site to get their mail via OWA. How do I do this? I dont want to tear down my existing Exchange server either.

Thanks in advance, Eric
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Solutions Architect
since you are running exchange on windows 2003 and you are not ready to tear it down, you are only left with the SCR (standby copy replication) option.

This option doesn't provide you with automatic failover but, IMHO, it is the best solution for DR sites, when using exchange 2007.

If you really want automatic failover you will need to rebuild your exchange all together on windows 2008 enterprise and you will need exchange enterprise.

A few SCR links


OR, you can use something like Double Take


Thank you for the links and your advice