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How to migrate local user profiles to a new domain

StepOneTL asked

We're moving from a Windows 2003 Small Business Server domain to a new Windows 2008 R2 Full Version domain.  I've manually created all of the user accounts and I want to process of moving all the desktops into the new domain to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Ideally, we'd like to join the computers to the new domain, and have the users' old profile show up under the new user account in the new domain.  Does anyone know of some free or inexpensive tools to do this?

We're trying to avoid manual copying of the information from one profile to another both because it's time consuming, and because it doesn't capture all settings like browser history.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Just modify the registry :-)

go to http://windowsxp.mvps.org/userpath.htm and check out the ProfilePath section.

Here's what I do (I don't bother with the SID finder).  I go to the location listed in the link, and I just click on each SID and look over and find the username in the paths.  Once you have that just make a note of it.

Log into the new domain as the new user

Log off and back on as an admin and edit the registry key ProfilePath and point it to the old profile

Log back in as the new user on the new domain, VOILA!  It should all be there.

You're basically just pointing the user's "documents and settings" folder to the old location, it doesn't care what it is since you've authenticated to the new domain as the new user.

*Note* Just be sure the new user in the new domain (DOMAIN\newuser) has full control of the old user's Documents and Settings folder (C:\docs and settings\old user).  That should be it, please let me know if you need any other help!
Look also at modifying the domain GPO's or using ADModify to change each users profiles to the new share, etc.


Thanks Guys!

I'll look into the reg edit tomorrow and we'll also check out ADModify.


We're using the reg edit so far and it's working well.  I'd like to keep this question open though until Friday when we expect to be completely up on the new domain.  I've only done four users and computers so far.


We're almost done with everyone and we used the regedit option.  Thanks to both of you though.