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Windows 7 Network drive size display

Axis52401 asked
I have a client with a 2003 Small business server and has recently upgraded the 3 workstations from XP to Windows 7. They have sever shared folders on the server that I map drives to. I can connect to them and on the fist PC it shows the correct size of the drive and its free space. (142G total and 46G free)

However on the other two the size shows up different. On one it shows up as 74M free and the other it shows 160M free. I can still access the drive from all 3 PC's and am not sure this is going to cause a problem but has anyone seen this with Windows 7 yet?
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Do you perhaps have quotas setup on the server ?
Axis52401Security Analyst


No, and this didn't happen when they were on XP on the workstations. I meant to try and copy a 200M file to the drive from one of the ones that show less that that of free space to see if it would let me but I had to leave the office.
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Two possible issues :
You upgraded XP to Windows 7 and W7 moved all your previous
installation to a file called windows.old.
That file is,depending on the size of your previous installation,
a very big unnecessary file.You can safely delete it and free space.
Other issue is that system restore is using (reserving) your disk space
for system restore points.Lower the space or disable it.
Axis52401Security Analyst


The local C drive shows up as the correct size it's the network shares that show up as the wrong size so I don't see the workstation saving either of those files to the network.
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On the PC's where is shows the incorrect size I cannot upload files that are over that wrong size to the server.