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Display Day of Week alongside calendar date in a list.

mylogo asked
I would like to add the day of the week to a view setup in SharePoint rather than just calendar date. I have the view grouped by Start date / time but how do I add the day of the week? I tried =TEXT(WEEKDAY(Column1), "dddd") but it just gives me the day of the week. I need to display both.
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do you want the result to be 'Tuesday 15/06/10'?

try this: =TEXT(WEEKDAY(Column1), "dddd")&" "&Column1

need square brackets round column names...

=TEXT(WEEKDAY([Column1]), "dddd")&" "&[Column1]


Thank you. I added that but get this in my display:  (see attached)
What I've done, and maybe you can correct me is I have a calculation on my Begin Date field that looks like this: =TEXT(WEEKDAY([Start Date / Time]),"dddd")&" "&[Start Date / Time] pulling from the Start Date/Time field.

When changing the view on my list, managers want to see the list grouped by Date and day of the week. What am i missing to add only the day of the week?

looks like the serial number, try this:

 =TEXT(WEEKDAY([Start Date / Time]),"dddd")&" "&MONTH([Start Date / Time])&"/"&DAY([Start Date / Time])&"/"&YEAR([Start Date / Time])


PERFECT! That was it. So i had to specify the Month, Day & Year.
Thank you so much.


Perfect answer.


I just ran a report but now the Begin Date field is causing my custom view to return a blank view. Comes back with "nothing to display" even though the data is all there. I have the filter set to:
Show the items when "Begin Date is Greater than or equal to [Today] and End Date is Less than or equal to [Today]+30". This filter works without the code you provided me but doesn't work with the code you gave me. The problem is that the code you provided me gives me the view I have been asked to show but the filter will not work.