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Drivers for APG cash drawer and Star TSP 100 futurePRNT printer Windows 7 64 bit

Adam Menkes
Adam Menkes asked
I have a POS system that I am trying to code (in VBA - MS Access 2010), which needs to open the APG Cash Drawer (VB320-BL1915).
I have gone to starmicronics (http://www.starmicronics.com/Supports/Download.aspx) and find the driver for windows 7, 64  bit, but of course it says right below the link: futurePRNT Configuration Utility Not Supported

So, I have the driver installed, and it prints fine. Now I am trying to get the driver to open the APG cash drawer. I have tried the WEPOS driver installation as well and the installation crashes ("register has stopped working").

I am just trying to figure out what driver will install (activex, or otherwise) so that I can register it in Access and use it.

This is NOT a serial, parallel, or USB cash drawer. It has what appears to be an ethernet connection (but is not), so I believe it is a 12V/24V connection.

If it were a USB connection, it would be simple. register the OCX, Add the OCX in Access, and reference the functions available to the object.

However, this is NOT that simple. The cable is tied to the Star printer, so I need the combination of drivers that will work to open the drawer.

Once again, this is 64 bit Windows 7 and Access 2010 with the APG cash drawer and Star printer.
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That cash drawer is supposed to be connected to the receipt printer using this cable: http://www.posmicro.com/partNumbers/CD-014A.htm
Then, you issue an Escape sequence to the printer which will open the cash drawer.  Here is the programmers manual: http://www.star-micronics.co.jp/eng/service/usermanual/comemu_starline_pm.pdf
Adam MenkesC# ASP.NET Developer
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It is connected with the cable. And it is supposed to be able to use the OPOS driver or another driver (ActiveX) to be able to call the functions. I should not have to send escape sequences to a port.

declare cd as OPOSCashDrawer

with cd
end with
From page 8 of the programmers manual (allcommands begin with an additional ESC):

• External Device Drive Commands
Set pulse width for external device drive
BEL External device 1 drive instruction
FS External device 1 drive instruction
SUB External device 2 drive instruction
EM External device 2 drive instruction
ESC GS BEL Ring buzzer
Either the pulse width is wrong (too short) or the software is using the wrong external device or it doesn't even think the drawer is attached to the printer and is sending commands someplace else.  Only you can really determine which is causing your issue and I can give you two tips; you can retain what is sent to the printer by ticking the keep spooled jobs checkbox in the printer properties and it should be a relatively simple task to issue the escape sequences directly to the printer to find out which works.
Troubleshooting the OPOSCashDrawer code may be a different problem altogether.
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It turns out that all I needed to do was set the printer to open the drawer. No drivers needed. No escape sequence needed. See attached.

Adam MenkesC# ASP.NET Developer
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The default was "Do not open".

I had got pointed in the right direction from an email from support at APG Cash drawers:

"The factory settings for the printer will not open the drawer. "

"The settings are done in the software. Since you are running Windows, if you go to the control panel, then printers and faxes, right click on your printer, select properties, within the properties there should be a setting for cash drawer, you need to select open drawer. If you are unable to find the settings, I recommend contacting Star and ask for help setting up the printer to open a cash drawer. "