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Windows 2008 R2 domain Windows XP client not running user logon scripts

Have a Windows 2008 R2 domain.  I created a cmd file which runs a vbscript file from the network.
I created the group policy to run the cmd file ( I clicked show files , and placed the cmd there, it points to a unc path with the vbscript )

Running the cmd there are no problems.

Should XP be running this script for users each time they logon?  It doesn't appear to run.  I have it echo the results to a unc path and the results file doesn't show up after a user logs on.


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I would recommend following the instructions from here to put together a startup script - my suspicion is that the way you are doing it, it is trying to run the script as the NTUSER/system credentials, which will not be allowed to follow the UNC.

Set up a logon script tutorial: http://www.petri.co.il/setting-up-logon-script-through-gpo-windows-server-2008.htm
that depends on where the vb is. put it in the netlogon or the gpo like with the cmd
Did you set it up as a computer startup script or user logon script?
make sure the errors are shown.. that way you will see it directly..

just put an ' before the line

on error resume next

I turned on the following:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Logonff
    * Run logon scripts synchronously