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Redirecting my documents, via login script that creates mapped drive and GPO

azpete asked
Our company uses login scripts to create a mapped drive (u:=\\fileserver\clair\docs")for each user to a central file server.
We want to continue that method but now are getting our feet wet with Group Policy and Windows 2008.  In the past our tech would manually set each users desktop "My Documents"  to U: so Office 2003 documents went to the file server (no problems)

We just installed Office 2007 on a new Windows 2008 Terminal server and I am not sure how to configure a new GPO to simply say, "for any user in this GPO redirect  "My
Documents"  to U:\ or \\fileserver\clair\doc"

We only have 10 new users we have to configure this for so some manual stuff is not too bad but I want to start using GPO's .  Note: Each users folder on the server is created automatically in the login script. ( we use Make directory and %user name% to do that)

I am a little confused about what exactly to choose in Group Policy under "Folder Redirection"

thanks in advance
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There is no reason to have your login script create the directory.  Group Policy will do that for you.  Create a new GPO and call it Folder Redirection.  Then right-click and edit the GPO and navigate to the following location:

User Configuration\Policies\Windows settings\Folder Redirection

In there you can configure the redirection.  Look through all the various options when you do it.  Do things like "Grant user exclusive rights to <redirected location>".

And if you want to create mapped drives you might as well use Group Policy Preferences since you have Server 2008.  Here's an article to do it based on Group membership.  If you do it this way you can create one GPO for all you drive mapping and then within that GPO create an entry for each mapping you want to create.  Each entry will define who gets the mapping.  This is called item-level targeting:


You could on the other hand make a GPO for each mapping and then make a security filter that only includes the group of users who you want it to apply to.  There is less control this way, but it's more reliable.  I'm finding that item-level targeting is kinda broken right now...which is too bad because it could be really powerful if it actually worked.  Hopefully they will release a fix soon.  Not sure if XP/Vista works...I've only tried it on Windows 7 x64.


Sorry but I got to that point in gpo (folder redirection) and that's where I said in my last line that I did not understand which options to choose.  

Did you have a question about any specific option?  There are explanations with all group policy settings on the second tab, but I'm sure you've found them.  I mean...some settings you just have to sit back and think if whatever the setting accomplishes is something you want to do.

Here are the settings I use for "My Documents" though for example:

Setting: Basic (Redirect everyone's folder to the same location)
-Path: \\myserver\personal storage\%USERNAME%\My Documents
-Grant user exclusive rights to Documents : Enabled
-Move the contents of Documents to the new location : Enabled
-Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000, Windows 2000 server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems Enabled
-Policy Removal Behavior : Restore contents

-Setting: Follow the Documents folder
-Setting: Follow the Documents folder
-Setting: Follow the Documents folder