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Power Users Group in Windows 7

I'm trying to figure out the difference between the regular "Users" group and the "Power Users" group in Windows 7. After much testing they seem the same, Power Users cannot create accounts, install software, change the computer name, or anything like that. Everything i've tried it prompts for a Local Admin username/password.
Anyone know what the difference is? I've read things for XP that say this group can install software and create local accounts, but does not appear to be the case here...

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Power Users group in Windows 7, has elevated privileges removed. It's only there still as a Legacy connection for old apps. You will have to use Admin still for installations
It does / used to have the ability to amend some system settings specific per application. Yeah - unfortunately administrator is it.
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It was valid for XP and is still valid for windows 7 :

Power Users:

"Members of the Power Users group can create user accounts, but can modify
and delete only those accounts they create. They can create local groups and
remove users from local groups they have created. They can also remove users
from the Power Users, Users, and Guests groups."

"They cannot modify the Administrators or Backup Operators groups, nor can
they take ownership of files, back up or restore directories, load or unload
device drivers, or manage the security and auditing logs."


"Members of the Users group can perform most common tasks, such as running
applications, using local and network printers, and shutting down and
locking the workstation. Users can create local groups, but can modify only
the local groups that they created. Users cannot share directories or create
local printers."


Thanks guys, I found all of your comments to be helpful