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How to configure the default windows 7 font size


We all know that Windows 7 supports setting the font size on a "per-user" basis. Therefore, one user can set his settings to 100% (96 dpi), and another at 150%, while the default size that windows uses is 125%, like on our laptop (125% is labeled as "default" when you go to adjust the display settings for "faciliate screen reading" (sorry this is a translation from french, not sure what the exact wording is in English).

The laptop has 1680x1050 display, and when set to "medium/125 %" display size, one of our application's display is all screwed up. So I changed the user settings to 100%, but the application is still screwed up (missing buttons, buttons overlapping others, etc). I noticed that when I log off and return to the main login screen, Windows reverts back to 125% display size. The manufacturer of the application has confirmed that their app uses the "default display size", so I am looking for a way to change the Windows default font size (system default).

Anyone knows how ?

PS: And at the same time maybe, any other "default user" settings so that I don't have to reconfigure each user one at a time ?

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Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Fonts
and select 'Change font size' (Or custom DPI setting')
Is that what you had in mind ?


Well, now that I am back home with english Windows 7, the place I use to change the settings for the current user is control panel/display, and you get the "make it easier to read what's on your screen" setting.

With that, I can adjust the setting for the current user, but I need to configure the Windows default, the one that is being used when Windows is done booting and present you with the press ctrl-alt-del to logon.

AT home, the "default" is labeled beside the 100%; on the laptop, the "default" is labeled beside the 125%,.
I taught I had added something to this question...

Oh well... here it is anyhow.

We are using an application called IQWare PMS, and when used on a laptop with high resolution screen, WIndows 7 defaults to 125% font size. This application has not been written to handle correctly font size other than 100% (96 dpi), and therefore, its windows, menu and dialogs has missing/overlappting  buttons/text. A rewrite of the application is not for anytime soon, so the only way to fix this is to "fix" Windows back into 100% font size. Changing the setting in the control panel will only change the current user's desktop, and not this application nor the Windows login screen. I had found a way to change the default Windows font size (the one used at the main login screen) by modifying the "logpixels" registry entry, but having played back and forth with this, now it does not seem to work anymore. I will check this out once again on the laptĂ´p and post the results.

I believe the result could be usefull for other people.