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Outlook 2010 - Launch Outlook using custom PRF

jcontreras1 asked
Hello, We are currently running Outlook 2003 on an XP desktop.  We setup the following keys in the registry for when a new users logs on to a workstation, it sees that Outlook has never been launched before then users the PRF in the path specified to create the profile for the user.


We will be migrating to Win 7 with Office 2010, does anyone know if we can do something similar so it first see that Outlook has not been launched yet for the first time then used a new PRF file to configure the users profile.  

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The same settings would work even for Outlook 2010 as well


You are right, it does work.  
The part that I was missing that I was using the old OL 2003 prf and need go create a new PRF via the Office Admin setup with OL 2010 settings.


Answered my Question.