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Wireless networking on Linksys WRT320n and SBS 2008

chrisdodds asked
I have an SBS 2008 server working properly.  DHCP and DNS are both running on my server.  My gateway is a Linksys WRT320n router.  The wireless is configured but the Linksys is NOT setup to run DHCP.  My laptop user can join the wireless network, but can't seem to access the internet.  I am given a proper IP from my SBS server with settings (DNS, Gateway, etc...) that appear to be correct.  Any ideas?  Here's what my Linksys confoguration looks like... Pic of Linksys WRT320n config
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From your wireless client, click Start > Run and type cmd pressing Enter.  At the commend prompt, type IPConfig /all then post the results for your wireless connection.


All ipconfig results are correct.  
My client machine has aDHCP IP issued by my SBS server, and the DNS points back to my server and the gateway is the router.  What's more, I can see the laptop from the DHCP address leases on my SBS 2008, and I can successfully authenticate to my wireless network.  I took it a step further and assigned a reservation to the laptop's mac address on my SBS 2008 DHCp server to be sure that I was authenticating and being given an IP from my server.  When I connected to my wireless network after that, I was given the correct IP reservation but I still could not surf the Internet or see my network machines.  Furthermore, nslookup returned no results and I can't ping my server or my router.  From my router, I can ping the laptop.  Go figure...
I think something is mechanically wrong with the wireless adapter in the laptop...
Turns out that the LinkSys was broadcasting at 5Ghz and the Dell laptop wireless card was only able to communicate at 2.4Ghz.  Thanks for your suggestions...
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Great job!  Glad you got it...