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How to customize Microsoft Office dotted decimal outline format

jlau2 asked

I currently use outlines in Microsoft Office and I use the dotted-decimal outline mostly.

I wanted to know if there's a way to customize that format, such that for let's say Heading 3, instead of the outline number being:

..the format would be:


Essentially, I want to add square brackets around the level4 outline number. I only want it for this level, so outline level5 would look like:


Any idears on how to do this? I'm using MS office 2007.
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Hello jlau,

with your basic header outline numbering already defined in the conventional way, click a header and then the "multi-level list" drop down in the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon.

Click "Define new multi-level list" and in the ensuing dialog, click one list level after the other and add the desired brackets around the respective number in the field labeled "Enter formatting for number." See screenshot.

Then update the header style to match the selection. If you start with header level 1 and the other levels are based on the next higher header style, then this will trickle down.

cheers, teylyn



Thanks! I've been using multi-level lists for some time now but never noticed that darn icon (in paragraph group) next to bullet and numeric list.

Big help to me, thanks Teylyn.