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questions regarding stability of sbs2008

I have a client with sbs2003 with a very simple network, 6 workstations. He needs a new server and I am contemplating whether or not to install sbs2008 on the new server. I have been using 2003 exclusively for the past 4 years with no issues. sbs 2008 has come out and I have heard mixed reviews. I hate to install something that is not going to be stable or is going to have all kinds of bugs in it that affect the basic features (exchange, owa, rww, etc...)
Can anyone give me some feedback on sbs2008 good or bad? things I should watch out for?
I know this is kind of a general question, but I really need some guidance with this.
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Distinguished Expert 2018
Like most MS products, it took a few updates (think service pack 1) to get things cleaned up, but 08 was good at launch and is pretty rock solid now. I wouldn't be stepping away from a good disaster recovery plan mind you, but I wouldn't have with 03 either.
Just install, configure, install server SP2, Exchange SP2, update rollups for SBS and exchange, and you'll be fine.
Then, on any given patch tuesday, you hope nothing bites you....same as it is in 03 (I've gotten bit on patch tuesday by 03 as well, just for the record...)
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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In my own experience, SBS 08 is way more stable than SBS 03 ever was, so if you have a good 03 experience, then 08 will only be better or equalled.


thanks for the input guys it was helpful