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Remote control software for home tech use.


I'm the tech support for a friend of mine and his family. They do OK with technology, but there are still a bunch of questions.

Remote control software would really be helpful. I especially want something that allows me to control their PC but they can still watch what is going on and possibly use the mouse and keyboard when needed. I worked tech support at a hospital that used Dameware remote control software and that was great. It did just what I described. You could free the mouse and keyboard to allow the end user to interact, or you could lock them out.

These friends live a few miles from me and use a cable modem for their internet access. They are also using a pretty good Windows PC running Vista Home with 6GB of RAM. I would like something preferably free. I don't want to use remote desktop because it blacks out the end user's screen when you are remoted in.

Any suggestions? Oh btw... did I mention it needs to be kinda simple on their end. These folks still are learning folders, path, etc... A big advance for them is sorting out their digital pics. They have a 12 year old kid who sometimes wreaks havoc on their system.

Thanks in advance!
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Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager


I vote for TeamViewer. You can give your friend the portable one. It is the easiest _for me_ (based on experience). It support windows and linux. Here's the review from Lifehacker:


Other alternative:

Hope that helps :)
I am at present using teamviewer and managing my remote Windows system, and it works pretty good. Download the software from www.teamviewer.com and while installing select, for personnal use. Its free. U can configure teamviewer with a predefined password, so that there is little effort that needs to be done at remote end.


Thanks everyone for your assistance. It looks like teamviewer is the solution.