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Need to edit original Stellent (Oracle UCM) Site Builder template file, but can't find it

Inherited a fully functional Stellent/UCM (10gR3) environment when my predecessor quit.  I've learned a lot about its operation, but there's one thing I can't find for the life of me: the template file that gets turned into a Stellent-hosted web page.  Specifically, I need to update the copyright portion of the template so that whenever it auto-updates the content, it puts in the current copyright information instead of whatever was there at the time of template creation.  I have the full publishing package file, but can't figure out where the source/template material is for this.  In case it was unclear, everything I've figured out is through the Site Builder portion of the package.
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principal solution architect
If you are referring to a wcm-based web-page (i.e., a webpage you or your team created), you can use the Site Studio Designer IDE to open the website, and subsequently, the hcsp that is your page template. From there, you can edit as you see fit.

The copyright info could be in the hcsp, a fragment, or some dynamically linked content file. Opening the hcsp will allow you to figure out the exact source.

If you're referring to an ootb template page, the process is a bit different.

Could you supply more details and perhaps a screen-shot of exactly the text you would like changed? Also, the url of the page you want changed could help find the underlying source template.


Was in a dynamically linked content file.  The reason I missed it was because it was nested two or three "INCLUDES" layers in.