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Squid reverse proxy https

maihyvu2 asked
The design is
Client => HTTPs(8443) => SQUID reverse proxy => HTTP(9090) => webserver.

Squid configuration:
acl SSL_ports port 8443
acl Safe_ports port 8443
https_port 8443 cert=/usr/CertAuth/testcert.cert key=/usr/CertAuth/testkey.pem defaultsite=sus1.boeinglabnet.net vhost
cache_peer parent 9090 0 no-query no-digest originserver login=PASS front-end-https=on name=sus1.boeinglabnet.net

Now for the crux of the problem on HTTPS  
Client sends a "HTTPS POST" request to SQUID.  SQUID forwards the POST (in HTTP) request to Bugzilla (  Bugzilla returns a new "Location" in the Header with an absolute URL:

SQUID proxy resoved it (it is missing the https)

I am really stump on this.  Would need expert help.
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depending on whether this behavior can be within bugzilla or you may need to setup a apache on the proxy and have it handle the data exchange with the

The other alternative is have the proxy rewrite URLS returned from the webserver or configure a local apache to handle/forward the processing of requests and URL rewrites.


Unfortunately the Apache version that I have is old and does not support Header rewrite.  Please suggest a SQUID solution. Thanks.
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You could use squid to call an external script to perform the rewrites. but you have to be careful with that.


I no longer have the requirements for https.