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Sharepoint Designer Workflow Question: Grant item level permission workflow not doing as intended? What am I doing wrong?

darthvader747 asked
I created a vacation tracking list for which I have a workflow to ensure that the requester cannot approve their own vacation!


Even though I 'deleted permission assignment' based on 'created by' and then granted 'read only' permission for that user (created by) using 'Grant permission on item' workflow, the user who 'created' the request can still approve his own vacation. Why? What am I doing wrong? See attached image for full workflow screeshot.

The goal is to prevent someone who created the vacation request in the list to approve their own vacation since they are a manager and are part of the approval group which has design permission over the site. The manager should be able to approve vacation but not their own!


The approvers area a group which have design permission on the site.

Also for more background about my workflow:

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i think you can modify the current view for the task list to prevent  the requester to see or open his/her reuest


How do I prevent the requester from seeing his or her request?

I know you can make it such that the requester only sees his own request by modifying item level permissions.

But I am not sure if there is a way to ensure that the requester does not see his request!

Can you detail the steps?

I tried using this workflow because I did not think there is any OOB way to accomplish what I want. I want to ensure that if I am manager, I can approve my direct reports vacation but not my own. That is why I tried changing the permissions of the creator to read only!


This comment did the solve the problem but it did help me investigate further.