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Outlook .pst extraction

ok, we took over a citrix farm.  at present, when users log into the farm, they are logging into one of the four servers and the server to which they are assigned is static.  in other, words, there is no load balancing so the individual servers are  breaking under the load.

we are load balancing them.

the problem is, each user uses outlook in a pop3 setup so they pst file is stored on the local server they log into.  If we load balance them and they get logged into a different server, outlook can't find their pst file.  This is because we are using folder redirection to store their profiles, etc on our file server, not the citrix server they log into.

so, we have load balancing working correctly.

we have new users files and folders, including their pst files, being stored on the server we want them stored on.  our problem is how do we get all of those orphaned pst files out of the users local profiles and into our new pst location?  we used the outlook adm template to put our pst files where we want them too.  the thing is, our existing users have pst files stored in their locally stored profiles.  when we redirect them, their outlook won't find that pst file.

our only fix so far is to manually take ownership of each profille, manually copy it to the new location and go from there.

any better ideas?
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ITIL Problem Manager
That is, unfortunately, a manual process.  Additionally, MS does not support PST files being stored on a network share (just an FYI).  Source:
It would be more productive to migrate your users off of a POP3 environment and into an OWA or fully Exchange integrated Outlook profile.

Depending of the outlook version you can recreate all profile using a tool like http://desktopengineer.com/downloads/richprofile.zip
The file deplacement can be done using a vb script before to launch the profile modification. Then a marker can say if the reconstruction was done or not for a profile.

I am in complete agreement with DrUltima...  You need to get off POP3 and either move to Exchange or have your users access their POP3 mail via a web interface where there email and files are stored in a local server.  There are a number of Free Web based email servers that you can install on Linux for example such as Zimbra.

Vishal BreedProgram Manager

- User Citrix policy with option of "Enable the Drive mapping" and apply to all Citrix Servers.
- ensure users can access a file server from citrix and map their home folder.
- they will keep their PST in these mapped home drived.
- now let user get logs on any citrix server!!