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VMWare ESX Host 3.5 NFS Storage Setup on Cisco Linksys NSS6000

Vincent D
Vincent D asked

I am trying to setup my ESX Host running 3.5 to add NFS storage being provided by a Cisco Linksys NAS appliance model NSS6000. When I copy the settings into the "Add Storage" wizard in the ESX host i get the following error and the process fails with "NFS Error: Unable to Mount filesystem: the NFS server does not support MOUNT version 3 over TCP"
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1.  Make sure you have no_root_squash (or cisco comparable), you need to allow root to access nfs without password and allow only the ip address of the vmkernel port

2.  Is your vmkernel port setup on the ESX host?  Do you have a second service console if this is on a differenct vswitch than your primary service console

3.  Take a look at this KB

The Problem is with your NAS applicance. You need a NFS server v3 over TCP.
Your NAS applicance may be running a differer versions or it may be using UDP over IP .
Check the NAS admin guide to configure your NAS to run NFS on UDP port.
Nothing to do with ESX.

If you want to confirm if it is a problem with ESX or NAS, you can download some NFS virtual applince and try connecting to it, so that you can isolate where the issue is.