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ITB WD HDD USB can read some sectors but not others

fredshovel asked
Tried reading this on two separate PCs -- it's got a big problem.  Downloaded PC Inspector, which can read the drive and actually transfer some files --   but ther seems to be heaps of faulty sectors -- and Inspector is very scatty (or maybe the HDD is scatty). WD say then will replace the HDD but I want to get as much stuff of as possible. I'm using XP. Can anyone recommend a good freeware tool to salvage as much data as possible?

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GetDataBack http://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-products.htm

Not free but has a demo mode.  The demo mode will show you what is recoverable which may help out.

Recuva http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download free to use but they will take money if you offer.
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if the sectors are physically damaged, nothing can help. But may are poorly written, in that case HDD Regenerator is a nice help (not free) : http://www.dposoft.net/