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JFS file system files disappear

This is an odd one.

I have a mythbuntu system, with a 1 TB HD set up with a JFS filesystem for storing recordings.  I feel like I've got most of the problems worked out, except today I have an issue with files disappearing.

Earlier today, I could not access a bunch of my recordings.  I checked the mount point for the drive, which is mounted from fstab, and could only see two recording files.  I thought this is odd, because I know I watched one of the missing files last night, so I know it got recorded, had the right permissions, etc.  I rebooted, and now the strangeness compounds...  The files I could not see before are there, and the files that I could see are now missing.

I unmounted the drive and ran fsck, which reported no errors.  I don't know exactly what's going on but I'm suspecting some kind of file system corruption.  It's working now; shows are being recorded, and I can watch them as well as the older recordings.  I can see everything except the two recordings that were visible when I couldn't see any other files.
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Occasionally, a JFS root partition will be unable to mount in normal read-write mode. This is usually due to the fact that the JFS root file system fails it's fsck after an unclean shutdown. It is rare that JFS fails out of fsck, and it's usually due to the JFS log itself being corrupted.

This i take from


An unclean or unsafe shutdown could have caused this or experimenting with some filesystem commands
in improper way before or similiar ... after all  .. However it would explain why after your last fsck things seem to be
recognized and work as expected.


I don't suppose any of this would be recorded in a log anywhere on my system?


Looks like you're right.  The missing files were in the mount point directory, which means that the drive wasn't mounted when they were recorded.


Thanks, I still don't know exactly why that happened, but it doesn't look like there's a serious problem.

>> but it doesn't look like there's a serious problem.

Well, thinking of hardware problems (harddisk) ... those you normally recognize when it would
be too late anyway and they are normally accompanied by some strange ... click ... humm noise ...

actually you have to be careful with the working environment: your machine
especially harddisk should never be exposed to heat or moisture.

Also ... always consider the whole combo ... memory rather than processor may sometimes
be a reason for 'strange behaviour' ... so watch it for a while and see if something like that happens again.

Else ... good luck