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Sybase ASA 9.02 database not found connect through VPN

GaryTanyh asked
Hi all,

anyone connect sybase database 9.02 using VPN?
I have a sybase ASA server in HQ and 2 site(HQ and branch) connected with VPN all application work fine except sybase server.

i connect to sybase server using ODBC with TCP host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;port=2638
when i try to test the database connect it pop up an error say "database not found".

if i bring over the branch pc to HQ everything work fine.
Or if I shutdown the HQ database server at branch PC connect using db filename and path (\\hq server ip\database filename) in ODBC "database -> database file" then i can open the database in branch office and branch office pc become the server and all hq connection is out...  

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I am not familiar with Sybase, but if you want to test if a network connection allows certain TCP traffic, then from the windows cmd prompt type:
telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 2638
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = the ip destination address
2638 = port number (from your example)

Giving the results of this command you can better isolate where the problem lies
If you see a black screen, the connection is succesfull. If it takes a long time and comes back with an error message the port is blocked somewhere on the way.


telnet no problem is the problem for the verification server name. if i turn off the verification if can connect but it when to different database. coz i 1 server i have 6 database.

I think what you have to do is add the server name to your Hosts file on the client PC. If you're using Windows 2000\XP it should be located in \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\. edit as instructed in sample hosts file eg on a new line type:

Server_IP     Server_name

Make sure you don't have a # sign before the line so as not to comment it out. Save your file and then try again. I think that should solve your problem

Peter Chuba
thanks all, is not the hosts file problem.. i can ping the servername and browse the server contents by the server name.

At last i found the solution, it is because i have 6 different database run on 1 single server but the database administrator use all tcp link to default 2638. so when the 1st database start it will use up 2638. when the second database start it will random select a port 4xxxx follow buy the third one and so on...

to solve the problem is start the database with specified port so that sybase won't random assign port to the server. then branch pc or client just use specified port to connect to specified database.