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How to disable Ease of Access Centre Control in Pure Terminal Server Environment?

ISC-IT-Admin asked
Dear Sir,

I have been searching for a long time... I am not been able to find a way on how to disable Ease of Access Centre Control in TS Servers???

My Scenario as the following:
I have 3 TS Servers 2008 + 1 DC Win 2008 + 1 SQL.
I have HP Thin clients. These Thin Clients boot and connect automatically to my TS servers, then an automatic application launch which it contacts my SQL Server.

I have a full policy enforced for the students using group policy in my DC.
I'm using one user name as Student in Active Directory.
The user doesn't have to enter any credential, all credentials are configured on TSConfig.

I have a problem that when a user press Control+Alt+Delete during his exam session,  "Cancel" Button appears in the middle, which is not important, I already disable all using group policy, and when they press cancel, the exam page will open again, but the issue is, in the bottom of the page the "Ease of Access Logo" appears when they are pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, then they are messing with these options... "Narrator, Magnifiyer,......"

300 Students are messing about with "Magnfiying glass" and contrast settings...

Please I need a solution on how to disable the Ease of Access Centre Control Completely???

Thank you,
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You can using group policy that applies to the user disable the alt-ctrl-del features/functions.
user configuration\advanced templates\system\ctrl-alt-del options
Using the control panel section, you can disable different feature.

The question comes most to mind is what if the student taking the exam needs the assistance of the magnifier or other accessibility features?

You can use mandatory profiles such that the changes one user makes are not saved.
Or configure GPO to manage what changes are or are not kept.


Hello Arnold,

I have been already disabled all Ctrl+Alt+Del options / ShutDown, Restart, Log off  options  using group policy, please find attached image:
But when they are pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, the Windows 2008 desktop appears with "CANCEL" only button in the middle, and in the bottom the "Ease Access Centre". With "CANCEL" they cannot do nothing, but they are messing with the EASE Acess Centre...
There is no Feature Using Control Panel to diasble this...

This is the policy, we don't need anyone to use the Ease Access Centre... Because they are messing with it instead of doing their exams...

Please I need a guide on how to disable this...

Thank You,


Please I need a help...
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What you seem to be looking is a way to not have the accessibility icon displayed as an option on the screen.

There is a key short cut to bring up these tools as well.
An option is to deny this user access to these tools.

See if the user is denied access to these and while the option will likely be displayed, they will not be able to access these tools event those who might need it to help perform their exam.


Thanks Arnold for your reply,

Yes I am looking to not have the accessibility icon displayed at all on the bottom left or disable this icon...

Otherwise, If you can help me on how to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on the keyboard?
I already disabled using Group Policy, but still when user press these shortcut keys together, the windows desktop appears but without any option: "CANCEL" appears only in the middle, beside the EASE Access Center Icon in the bottom...

I want to disable these shortcut keys, if the user press Ctrl+Alt+Del nothing should happen or appear on the screen in the front of the student...

Is there any solution to disable these keys (Ctrl+Alt+Del)???

Thank you for your help...
Distinguished Expert 2017

There are thrid party utilities I've seen in a search, not sure how well they work.

I am nor sure whether you could use the Group policy preferenes to turn off the easy access opton at the screen following the key combo of ctrl-alt-del.


Thank You Arnlod,

I have found a Solution do disable this irritating feature:

Open a command prompt and type the following:

cacls %windir%\system32\utilman.exe /C /D Everyone
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This is effectively what I told you to try in comment http:/#32993214


Yes Arnold, you are right...

But I need the full command...

I don't know the parameters of utilman.exe

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cacls alters the access rights/permissions to the application and is not a command set for utilman.exe


Ok great! But I don't know it... I need the complete solution...

What about /C /D Everyone?

I wish that you gave me the full command to disable the Easy Access Center...

Now, Could you give the full command if I want to enable it again???

Anyway, thank you for your help!
Distinguished Expert 2017
cacls is a program to alter the Access list on the system.
/D means deny in your case to the group Everyone
/C menas go on even if there are errors.
i.e. the user running cacls does not have access rights to the directory/file such that the use of the /C switch for cacls will not generate an error indicating hat.

The problem is the way you defined the ACL i.e. deny to
cacls %windir%\system32\utilman.exe /C /E /R Everyone

The above should remove the Deny for everyone, but it will not restore the prior access rights inherit permissions from parent was unchecked.
You would need to use cacls to grant specific access in the same way you would if you go through the security tab of the properties of the file.