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In Boot Camp 3.0 can I use a OEM or Academic version of XP?

gzembow asked
I am trying to install Win XP on a MacBook Pro as part of a Boot Camp 3.0 installation.

I called two local Mac stores and they no longer sold the OEM version of XP, but told me if I buy a copy of Windows 7 Premium I can use that Product Key to activate XP. But I am at the point of entering the PK in the XP Pro installation and the Win 7 PK doesn't work and to my real surprise the XP PK doesn't work.

What are the proper steps to install XP as a downgrade of Win 7? And any ideas why the PK for Win XP Pro (OEM) won't work and let me finish the installation?

If I call Microsoft for Activation and give them the legitimate OEM Product Key for Win 7, will they give me a PK for XP Pro OEM?


PS: I first tried using an Academic version of XP Pro, but it stopped when it couldn't find a previous installation of XP Home and it asked me to insert a copy of XP Home but I couldn't eject the XP Pro disk using the MacBook Pro eject button.
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See also my answer in your other post.
Microsoft rarely deal with OEM issues as support for them including installation issues rests with the supplier.  Expect to be redirected by their Customer Support.
OEM keys apply to the machine they were provided with so you'll need an Apple OEM Windows disk to install it on your MacBook.
You can install an Academic edition if you have a legitimately installed qualifying product but from your posts so far it doesn't appear that you have.  No OEM install is eligible for upgrade.


Thanks for the 2nd post.

But my office bought 9 Dell computers with Windows XP Home, we needed to upgrade them to XP Pro to be compatible with Exchange Server. We purchased most of the XP Pro as Academic versions and a few OEM versions.

(i.e. http://www.buycheapsoftware.com/details~productID~3266.asp)

So there was no PC and i've never seen a "Apple OEM Windows disk".

I hope there is an answer that shows me how to finish this XP install.
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You cannot legally upgrade OEM Home to Pro you would need to buy the full version for each chair.
An "Apple OEM Windows disk" doesn't exist - I was usng that to illustrate why you can't put an OEM system on a Mac. You'll need a retail disk to install to Bootcamp :(
Academic licenses are for personal use only - there's a reason why the software licenses are cheaper for OEM and Academic they are not for use in a business environment.
You really need to to talk to MS Licensing to get this untangled - I suspect you think you've got a good deal on your software costs but what you've bought may actually be unusable in the way you want.