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Laptop screen too large to display

MXDEWD asked
HI there, I am working on a EMachine laptop and after a restart, the display has changed resolution and is hald way off the screen, ie, I can only see 25% of the window being displayed.

So far I have tried different display settings (resolution, refresh rate). I also uninstalled the driver. It didnt reinstall automatically as I thought it would. I had to go to the EMachine support site and down load a new driver on another machine. Reinstalled it only to have the same problem.

Tried a system restore with no luck, same issue.
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HI there Nobus... thanks for your reply, fixes dont quite apply to my particular situation, most point to resolution decreasess or changing on startup etc. With this problem, the resolution goes to what ever is selected but the image is larger than the screen can display.

All that said, I pulled the battery out and disconected the power over night, started the machine this morning and all seems well. Happy but a bit concerned that it could happen again.

I have closed post and issued points - thanks once again for being there to help and offer advice.
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>>  started the machine this morning and all seems well   <<  those are the strange ways of Bill Gates - let's hope tomorrow he does'nt have an hiccup !
tx for the feedback!